Engineering in Istanbul

Turkey has always occupied a pivotal socioeconomic position between the east and the west. The country has become an international destination, spurring unprecedented infrastructure improvements and urban development, as well as anticipation over the prospect of being the host for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Just the type of location where Langan thrives, which is why we opened an Istanbul office in the summer of 2011.

A native of Turkey, Can Karayel, PE, LEED AP spent 15 years in the United States managing projects for Langan before returning to his home country to lead the firm’s Istanbul office. Current local projects include providing site/infrastructure design services for the Tarlabasi Urban Retransformation project, which is a multi-cultural neighborhood located in the Beyoglu district. Commissioned by the Housing Development Administration of Istanbul, this 30,000-square-meter site consists of eight adjacent lots planned for the redevelopment of office, retail and residential spaces with associated site improvements. Langan also provided master plan engineering support services as well as geotechnical and waterfront engineering services for a 470,000-square-meter mixed-use and cruise line port development project in the city’s Zeytinburnu District.

“Istanbul is growing fast with a young demographic and steady migration from rural provinces, which has placed considerable stress on infrastructure, increasing the need for affordable housing,” said Karayel. “Our local knowledge, coupled with Langan’s experience working for major developers and on mega-projects, has enabled the Istanbul office to support a variety of market sectors, including office/high-rise, hotels, mixed-use, heavy infrastructure, aviation, sports, entertainment, education, cultural and healthcare. From Istanbul, we can reach anywhere in Turkey, Russia and Central Asia, and this office also serves as a gateway between local Turkish developers and contractors for work in the Middle East and North Africa.”

In addition to site/civil, environmental, and geotechnical consulting, Langan‘s globally-renowned earthquake engineering practice is being summoned to Turkey, which is a seismically-active region. In fact, the threat posed by earthquakes has prompted the need to redevelop and retrofit existing building stock, and the government has made the retransformation of these vulnerable areas a major priority.

Speaking of priorities, Istanbul is bidding for the 2020 Summer Olympics, and Langan possesses the right professionals and experience to support the work that will be needed should the city be awarded the games. George Leventis, who leads Langan International, and Ramin Golesorkhi, the Principal-in-Charge of the firm’s earthquake engineering practice, spoke at the Stadia & Arena 2013 event held in Istanbul this month. Leventis was the Director General of Olympic Works for the Organizing Committee of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Golesorkhi heads the team providing geotechnical and earthquake engineering for the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California (home of the San Francisco 49ers and site of the Super Bowl in 2017). Langan’s portfolio of sports projects also includes MetLife Stadium, Barclays Center, and multiple soccer stadia in Iraq.