Turning 15 in Philly

In 1998, Langan Principal George Derrick got a phone call from his client at Richard I. Rubin/PREIT (now known as PREIT). The main subject? Philadelphia. The retail developer had grown accustomed to the level of service provided by Derrick’s team in New Jersey and wondered if Langan could support future projects in and around Philadelphia. Before Derrick hung up the phone, the seed had been sown: Langan would open an office in Philly. Fifteen years later, this Center City office still thrives.

In short order, Langan expanded beyond supporting retail to become a trusted consultant for complicated urban redevelopment projects requiring Langan’s unique mix of engineering and environmental services. The challenges of constrained sites with difficult subsurface conditions in the city were ideal for Langan’s geotechnical group, and the firm’s environmental experts have supported a variety of projects from preliminary environmental site assessments to large-scale remediation, as well as compliance contracts for major corporations in the energy and petrochemical industries.

Chris Hager, Principal, currently leads Langan’s Philadelphia office. He is an expert in urban redevelopment and historic sites, and will become chairman of the Urban Land Institute’s Philadelphia District Council on July 1.

“After focusing on what makes Philadelphia the great city it is, we knew where to put our efforts and our well-rounded portfolio is proof of that,” Hager said. “The city is filled with world-renowned medical facilities, top colleges and universities, two great waterfronts and abundant public parks. To know that Langan has played a role in the development and redevelopment of spaces within the city is truly rewarding.”

Langan’s local team has helped reinvent some of Philadelphia’s most important public spaces, including Race Street Pier, Herron Park and the recently opened Hunting Park. The firm’s landscape architecture team has restored approximately a dozen parks throughout the city, and survey crews have laser-scanned Eastern State Penitentiary, parts of Amtrak’s 30th Street Station, and portions of Lincoln Financial Field.

In addition to all the work in Philly, the office also supports Camden projects, including various tasks at Campbell’s World Headquarters, Cooper Cancer Institute and Cooper Medical School at Rowan University.

Our environmental group continues to support major Philadelphia-area oil refineries and terminals while the land development practice supports clients such as Brixmor Property Group, Kimpton Hotels, Parx Casino and ongoing work with PREIT.

George Derrick was on hand last week to celebrate the Philadelphia office’s 15th anniversary, a decade and half after that important phone call. The mix of clients and partners gathered atop the Hotel Monaco (a Langan roofscape design) was proof of the office’s success, and a sure sign that the future promises continued growth.

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