Eco Risks and Rewards: Environmental Experts Find Ways Forward

Eco RiskDevelopment, in all forms, can coexist with nature. There are, of course, examples in history that speak otherwise, but today’s developers and industrial leaders are far more environmentally conscious than in years past. At Langan, we work with such clients to assess the potential ecological risks to sensitive natural resources that may have been caused from prior site uses, and apply our technical expertise to help arrive at solutions that achieve project goals while also protecting human and ecological health.

Lofty thoughts about balancing ecological health with client objectives for site cleanup and development are always at the front of KariAnne Czajkowski’s mind when conducting ecological risk assessment studies. A Project Scientist based in Langan’s Doylestown, Pennsylvania office, Czajkowski and other scientists in the Environmental Group spend a lot of time navigating waters, hiking through forests and meadows, and slogging through marshes collecting chemical and biological data to support determinations of pre-existing or potential future ecological concerns.

“We make recommendations by carefully characterizing multiple lines of ecological evidence so that clients can make sound risk management decisions regarding how to address both the human health and ecological risk aspects of their environmental cleanup and development projects,“ said Czajkowski, who is an active member of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council Contaminated Sediments Remediation Teams and a national support instructor for the ITRC Contaminated Sediments-Bioavailability training seminar.

Clients often state that uncertainty is a huge impediment to progress. Therefore, Langan’s ecological risk assessment services help put concerns about ecological risk in context when making decisions regarding risk management and remedy at their sites. The firm has performed countless ecological risk evaluations in many states in an effort to ensure our client’s projects are protective of our waterways, terrestrial landscapes, and associated fish and wildlife resources. Ultimately, our environmental services enable a better understanding of habitats, human and otherwise, and allow clients to reduce ecological and financial risk on their projects. And what could be more rewarding than that?

To learn more about Langan’s Ecological Risk Assessment Services, please contact Steven Ueland, Managing Principal, at

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