Finding Brownfield Funding

Langan Helps Connect Communities to Redevelopment Dollars

George Kelley, Langan’s Chairman of the Board, likes to say that “We were doing Brownfields before the term was coined!” Given the fact that it was nearly 45 years ago that Langan started supporting the redevelopment of sites currently considered Brownfields, Kelley is probably correct.

Today, Langan continues to work on Brownfield sites in every state where we operate, for obvious reasons–the firm’s suite of technical services and knowledge of the local regulatory processes are ideally suited to help any redevelopment project from due diligence to completion.

Lately in Pennsylvania, Langan is doing even more to support Brownfield redevelopment, specifically through the work of Greg Firely, Senior Project Scientist. His practice helps municipalities with Brownfield sites obtain grants that can kick-start redevelopment.

Often towns and counties are unaware that such funding exists or have limited resources to handle the paperwork required to obtain Brownfield funding. Furthermore, properly filing a Brownfield funding application can be challenging, which is why multiple towns have retained Langan to help them navigate the process.

Firely and his team at Langan track federal and state programs that have set aside money to help municipalities clean up Brownfield sites. He also consults with the towns to ensure that their applications are accurate and compliant with the requirements of the grant source. To date, Langan has helped numerous towns and communities secure approximately $15 million in funding grants, which has in turn led to the remediation and redevelopment of underutilized Brownfields into productive community assets. These redevelopments range from commercial and residential projects to industrial and community parks, all while removing environmental impacts and benefiting the surrounding community.

“One of the reasons I joined Langan is because of the firm’s dedication to Brownfield redevelopment,” said Firely. “In our business, nothing is more gratifying than helping to revitalize communities; after all, we all live, work, and play here too.” 

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