Q&A: What makes the Salesforce Tower project interesting from an environmental perspective?

We asked our environmental project manager Peter Cusack:

What makes the Salesforce Tower project interesting from an environmental perspective?

Being part of the Salesfore TPeter Cusackower project team is an exciting opportunity for Langan and our environmental staff has been working with the owners, Boston Properties and Hines, from the early stages. We are actively providing a variety of services for this project, but the oversight during excavation proves to be the most interesting.  Excavation will be performed at two separate times.  In the fall of 2013, all the hazardous soil was excavated and disposed off-site, and the remaining non-hazardous contaminated soil will be removed in the coming months. As part of the shoring and excavation phase, load bearing elements (LBE) are currently being installed at the site and once that task is completed, the second round of excavation activities will begin. The unique excavation sequencing at the site has required constant communication between our environmental team and the contractor, Clark/Hathaway Dinwiddie, A Joint Venture, in order to keep the project on schedule.

In addition to excavation oversight, Langan prepared and submitted a Site Mitigation Plan, which was approved by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), completed soil and groundwater sampling, performed sampling and chemical analysis during soil handling and disposal activities, and provided project management services. Our environmental team will also prepare the required site closure report and submit to the SFDPH.  The closure report will include soil sample analytical results, all soil disposal manifests, a chronological summary of daily soil handling activities, and will request No Further Action in regards to the environmental issues for the site.

To learn more about this project and our environmental services, please contact Peter Cusack, Senior Associate, at pcusack@langan.com.