Q&A: How did the Langan team help keep the Levi’s Stadium project on schedule?

We asked the Principal-in-Charge of Levi’s Stadium and our geotechnical/seismic expert, Ramin Golesorkhi, PhD, PE, GE:

How did the Langan team help keep the Levi’s Stadium project on schedule?

To help keep the project on schedule and address geotechnical issues quickly, our team interacted directly with the Turner/Devcon team. To accelerate the work, the site was divided into four quadrants and treated as individual projects. This approach was applied from the very beginning of the construction process with grading and the installation of piles, and continued until the project was complete.  For us, this meant four individual drilling and pile installation crews working simultaneously, which required significant preplanning and preparation between our engineers, Turner/Devcon, and Berkel & Company Contractors, Inc., the piling contactor.

Through strategic logistical planning and real-time quality assurance evaluation, potentially problematic pile observations were addressed before the end of a shift, and often before the pile installation was complete. Quickly mitigating field issues helped keep the project moving forward on its aggressive schedule during the early stages of construction. Additionally, through our collaborative efforts with Berkel, piles were installed in a sequence that generally maximized production rates.

Congratulations to the 49ers on their new home and all those who helped make it possible!



Langan project team members attended the Levi’s Stadium ribbon cutting ceremony on July 17.

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