Q&A: What were the technical challenges of the Park ‘N Fly project?

We asked our site/civil project manager, Katherine Regina:

What were the technical challenges of the Park ‘N Fly project?

Langan has been involved with the project since 2011, when the site was a vacant lot adjacent to Park ‘N Fly’s existing facility. Initially, we provided site/civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering services directly to the owner. When Park ‘N Fly leased the site in 2013, Langan remained on as the lead engineering consultant. Since Park ‘N Fly is based in Atlanta, GA, we added our  project management services and served as the owners representative during the complex permitting and approval process, as well as during construction and project close-out.

Katherine Regina

Katherine Regina, Project Manager

The greatest technical challenges of this project included raising the site above flood elevations and designing for future settlement (as the site is over Bay Mud), implementing stormwater quality improvements, and coordinating the design team, which included architects, structural and mechanical engineers, landscape architects and contractors. We obtained the requisite approvals from the City’s Planning Commission, Design Review Board, Building Division, and Engineering departments. The design and approval process also involved a new deceleration lane on Produce Avenue and the relocation of PG&E gas mains, regulators and electric infrastructure. The project was a C.3 regulated project and was required to meet San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program guidelines by treating runoff for the entire site. This was a challenge due to the high ground water table, on-going flooding issues on and off-site, and shallow existing stormwater infrastructure that had tidal influence. The project implemented state-of-the-art linear bio-retention systems that were designed to capture and treat the required runoff volume as well as detain large storm events during high tide. Finally, our team was involved throughout the construction phase of the project and provided observation and testing services including foundation and utility installations.

Park 'N Fly

Park ‘N Fly, San Francisco International Airport

Overall, Langan’s project management and engineering design services were a critical part of assisting Park ‘N Fly in achieving their goal to expand parking and create an easier way for travelers to park at San Francisco International Airport.