Langan Participates in Shell Safety Day 2015

Achieving Goal Zero Because We Care!

Langan will participate in its inaugural Shell Safety Day 2015 on Wednesday, May 6th with activities centered in the Langan Irvine Office. Langan understands and values that on Shell Safety Day all employees and contractors are encouraged to engage with one another on the topic of safety, and has put together activities to support this objective. Shell Safety Day at Langan will be a forum to get together and share ideas and good practices, to work together on plans to deliver continuous improvement in safety performance, and to reflect on our personal and collective commitment to safety.

This year Langan has identifed road safety as the primary focus area, and put together an agenda to include learnings on “Why We Care About Road Safety,” “How to Improve Your Intervention,” “Distracted Driving,” and “Driver Fatigue Management.”

Langan’s participation in Safety Day reinforces our commitment to providing a healthy and safe work environment and our goal of staying accident free every day.

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