How can consultants help clients reduce costs and tighten schedules on Latin American development projects?

Through more effective and efficient designs that are tailor-made for developers’ specific needs. 


Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, Panama City, Panama

While geotechnical engineering principles are the same in Latin America as in the rest of the world, it is important to understand that each site has its own set of unique challenges and solutions. At Langan, we have helped clients save time and money by evaluating and recommending the most up-to-date and suitable ground improvement procedures for their specific site conditions. Examples of cost-effective considerations include re-evaluating seismic site conditions and improving the design criteria, modifying foundation support systems to more efficient designs, and re-evaluating and improving slope stability and stabilization procedures.

It is also imperative that consultants provide designs that are not only efficient and technically sound, but constructible in the region of the project.  This requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of local construction practices and limitations.  When you combine these key ingredients for project delivery, it helps clients in Latin America tighten schedules and reduce costs.

About Roger Archabal, PE
Roger has over 30 years of geotechnical engineering experience throughout the United States and abroad, focusing on the Gulf of Mexico regions, Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean. He specializes in complex foundations in coastal environments, performing hundreds of geotechnical explorations of varied size and scope.

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